Who does the team of people representing Velox include?

The Velox team is a very complex team of several people who lead their profession professionally and thoroughly. From experienced receptionists to branch managers and external associates in IT. It is our duty to provide you with the best way to your vacation through our service, and to be available to you before, during and after your stay.

Where is Velox located and when was it founded?

The company Velox is located in Croatia, more precisely in Istria, in one of the most famous tourist cities in Croatia, the city of Poreč. It has been attracting guests from all over Europe and beyond for decades with its cultural and historical sights and decoration, numerous sports and recreational facilities, and diverse gastronomic offer.

The company was founded in 1993. We have over twenty (20) years of experience in communication with our guests, renters, domestic and foreign partners, and knowledge in marketing and placing our service on all major internet search engines.

What does the name Velox mean?

The word “Velox” comes from the Latin language and means “fast”. We believe that this is a virtue, that’s why we strive to be quick and up-to-date in completing tasks and solving all situations/problems that come our way, all in order to provide our clients with the best service and a carefree vacation.

I am not able to find suitable accommodation, what should I do?

Don’t worry, if you are unable to find suitable accommodation through our website, then you can call us by phone or send us an email. We are always available, our contact details are here.

I have health problems, and it is impossible for me to come, what should I do?

In case of health problems or serious illness, please contact us as soon as possible, our contact details can be found here.

My COVID-19 test is positive and arrival is not possible, what should I do?

In case you have a positive finding/test for the COVID-19 disease and you cannot travel, then visit our page COVID-19 policy.

The reservation confirmation did not arrive by mail, what can I do?

In the event that the reservation confirmation has not yet arrived in your email within ten minutes from the moment of completing the reservation on our website, you may want to check your e-mail in the section “unsolicited mail or promotions” and then check your internet connection. In case the reservation confirmation has not still appeared in your e-mail, you can contact us at the following phone numbers: +385 52 452770, +385 52 453559 or what’s app./viber +385 98 331556, +385 98 254791 and our email, info@velox-tours.com or velox@velox-tours.com.

How long do I have to wait for the booking confirmation to arrive by e-mail?

The confirmation of the reservation will arrive at your email address within one to two minutes from the moment the reservation is completed on our website. In the event that you did not receive the confirmation of the reservation within the specified period, then due to the increased number of reservations through our website, there is a possibility of server downtime, and the confirmation of the reservation will arrive within thirty minutes to an hour.

I did not receive the booking confirmation by e-mail, can I request a new booking confirmation?

In the event that you have not received our booking confirmation, and the payment has been successfully completed, then you can definitely contact us, our contact details are available here.

How can I make a payment with a credit card?

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