General conditions for provision of accommodation services

Velox d.o.o. travel agency Velox Tours (hereinafter agency) acts as an intermediary of accommodation services between the guest and the service provider (apartment renter, country house, etc.). Based on the information published on its website, the agency informs the guest and provides accommodation services in accordance with the confirmed reservation.

Inquiries and accommodation reservations are received and confirmed by phone, e-mail, or at the agency’s office, as well as at the agency’s offices or through their websites, the agency’s contractual partners. When making the reservation itself, the guest is obliged to provide all the necessary information required by the reservation procedure. After checking the availability of the requested accommodation unit, the guest will receive a written confirmation together with information on the advance payment or will be directed to the website where they can make the reservation. Based on the advance payment or reservation made on the website (, the guest receives a reservation confirmation – a voucher.

Based on the confirmation of the reservation, it is considered that the guest is fully familiar with the general terms and conditions of providing the accommodation service and that he fully understands and accepts them. In this way, everything stated in the general conditions becomes a legal obligation for both the guest and the agency.


Payment is in euros according to the valid price list at the agency reception, unless otherwise stated in the offer.

a) Advance payment (by bank transfer) Advance payment is mandatory, and should be paid upon receipt of confirmation of availability (by offer) unless otherwise indicated, paid within 3 days, otherwise the reservation is considered cancelled. When making a payment, it is mandatory to state the name and surname of the person who or for whom the reservation was made, the reservation number, and the name of the accommodation facility to which the advance payment (reservation) applies. The advance payment can amount to approximately 30% or 100% of the price of the total arrangement, depending on the selected service and the term of use of the service. Based on the advance payment, the guest receives a reservation confirmation.

b) Online purchase (on the
After the selected accommodation on the website (, the entered data on the duration of stay, the number of people, followed by the entry of all personal data and payment. It is important to enter correct information about the person whose reservation will be made. 30% or 100% of the amount is charged by credit/debit card or PayPal.

c) Pay by link
The generated link is delivered to the guest via e-mail or via applications such as “Viber” or “WhatsApp”. The time limit for payment via the link is 24 (twenty-four) hours from the moment it is created. When the payment deadline expires, the link will be cancelled and the offer will become invalid.

d) Remaining payment The rest of the total amount minus the advance payment is paid in cash or by credit/debit card at the office of the associate agency or at the agency’s reception.


a) Basic services The price of the services includes the basic service resulting from the description of the reserved service. Service prices are expressed in euro, and the agency reserves the right to change the published prices (in case of a change in the price of the accommodation owner or a change in the exchange rate, i.e. larger currency differences). For guests who have paid an advance for a specific reservation, the agency guarantees the price of the service resulting from the confirmed reservation, regardless of any subsequent changes in the price of the services for the reservation in question.

If it happens that on the day of arrival, i.e. the day of service provision, more people arrive than indicated in the reservation confirmation or on the travel documents (VOUCHER), the agency has the right to deny accommodation to unannounced guests or, if feasible, to accommodate unannounced guests at an additional cost on the spot according to the valid service price list.

b) Special – other services Special services are not included in the price of accommodation, but can be obtained by asking during the reservation or directly at the destination, if they are in the description of the requested accommodation under “Additional costs”. Special services are paid on the day of arrival at the agency or directly with the owner of the accommodation unit.

According to the current Act on residence tax of the Republic of Croatia, a guest/citizen who uses overnight services in an accommodation facility where catering or tourist activities are carried out in a tourist destination outside of his residence pays a residence tax. The amount of the residence tax for a specific reservation depends on the destination in the Republic of Croatia and the period of stay, and is charged according to these general conditions and simultaneously with the payment of the final amount for the accommodation.

The offered accommodation units (apartments, country houses or other facilities) are described according to the official categorization of the competent institution, and based on an insight into the actual condition of the accommodation at the time of publication, both by the agency and by our partners. The standards of accommodation, food and other services in individual places and countries are different and not comparable. The agency does not assume responsibility for any oral or written information that is not in accordance with the description of services and facilities published on the agency’s website.

It is possible to start using accommodation services after 15:00 (unless otherwise by agreement between the lessor and Velox doo) on the day the service starts, and if possible earlier, the guest will be informed by the agency on the spot. The guest is obliged to leave the same accommodation by 10:00 a.m. on the day of departure, unless otherwise agreed with the agency or service provider. For announced arrivals and the impossibility of arriving before nightfall, it is necessary to inform the agency where you are registering no later than 8:00 p.m. If possible, the agency will wait for the guest.

In case the traveller wants to change or cancel the reservation made according to his request, he must do so in writing (by e-mail) if possible, no later than 30 days before the start of using the services. A change is considered to be a change in the number of people, the start and/or end date of using the service, as well as the type of service. Changing the reservation, if possible without additional costs, will be done free of charge. In the event that it is not possible to change the reservation, and if the guest cancels the confirmed reservation because of this, the advance payment will not be returned, and it will be used to cover the costs of cancelling the reservation. If the guest does not show up at the destination by 20:00 on the day of starting to use the service without notifying the Agency about the delay or cancels the rented services after starting to use the service, the guest does not have the right to claim the amount paid.

If the passenger has to cancel the reservation, the agency offers him the possibility to find a new Passenger/user for the same reservation if possible (this also depends on the final service provider). In this case, the agency will charge only the actual costs caused by the replacement of the Passenger. The new user of the reservation assumes all obligations from these General Terms and Conditions.

In case of cancellation of the reservation due to force majeure or the guest’s own will, the guest must pay only the actually incurred cancellation costs, and the cancellation conditions differ depending on the type/category of accommodation units and in which time frame the guest announces the cancellation of the reservation. All cancellation conditions are found under each accommodation unit, and by making a reservation, the guest accepts the cancellation conditions and all obligations from these General Conditions.

The agency reserves the right to change or cancel the reservation if extraordinary circumstances occur that cannot be predicted, avoided or removed, such as (unrest in the country, war, terrorist actions, sanitary and similar disturbances in the service facility, natural disasters, interventions by the competent authorities , illness or death of the service provider, etc.).

In the event of the impossibility of adequately replacing the confirmed accommodation, the agency reserves the right to cancel the reservation with prior notification of the guest at least 7 days before the start of using the service, and guarantees a full refund of the previously paid amount. If, for justified reasons, an adequate replacement is not possible on the day the service begins, the agency will provide the guest with information on possible accommodation of the same or higher category.

The guest is obliged to: possess valid travel documents, comply with the customs and foreign exchange regulations of the Republic of Croatia, upon arrival at the chosen destination, provide the agency with one of the documents (personal passport or identity card depending on the agency’s request) required for guest registration, have a VOUCHER/confirmation reservations, which he received when confirming the reservation and give it to the agency on the day of arrival at the chosen destination so that he can pay the rest of the service, previously confirmed and start using the paid service, comply with the house rules in accommodation facilities and cooperate with service providers in good faith. In case of non-compliance with these obligations, the guest bears the costs and is responsible for the damage caused, and the agency removes all responsibility for the damage.

The agency undertakes to issue to the guest, based on the advance payment for the reservation, a confirmation of the reservation made, a VOUCHER for the complete payment, which contains all the services that will be used. The agency undertakes to enable the use of the confirmed service, to take care of the guest’s rights and interests in accordance with tourism regulations, and to fulfil all its obligations in accordance with these conditions.

The agency is not responsible for damaged, destroyed or lost luggage, as well as for the theft of luggage or valuables in the accommodation facility. Lost luggage or theft is reported to the agency where the guest registered, the accommodation service provider or the competent police station.

Since we respect your privacy, we apply the following principles: we need your data when booking accommodation exclusively to identify and connect you with the offered service, we pass your personal data only to the third party that is essential for making the reservation.

The Agency reserves the right to change the conditions of use of these pages and other business conditions at least once a year. Changes do not affect already made and paid reservations.

The agency’s website serves exclusively to inform guests about the service provider’s offer based on descriptions and pictures, to check available dates for renting accommodation and to make reservations. We draw your attention to the fact that transactions through our websites may only be performed by adults and that you hereby assume financial responsibility for your transactions or transactions performed by minors in your household. You are also responsible for minors who use your data here, as well as for the truthfulness and accuracy of your data that you have provided for the purpose of making reservations and financial transactions. In case of any misuse of these pages (fake reservations, etc.), you will be denied access.

If the guest has an objection to the incomplete performance of the confirmed service by the agency, he can demand proportionate compensation by submitting a written complaint.

Complaint procedure: On the day of arrival, the guest is obliged to report the inappropriate service immediately to the agency where he registered, or to inform him about it by e-mail or by phone. The guest is obliged to cooperate with the agency, partner agency or accommodation owner in good faith so that the complaint can be resolved to mutual satisfaction on the spot. If the guest on the spot does not accept the offered solution to the complaint that corresponds to the paid service, the agency is not obliged to accept the subsequent complaint. If the guest does not accept the agency’s decision, and subsequently decides to claim the paid money, he may not stay in the advertised accommodation. At the latest within seven days after the end of the term of the advertised service, the guest is obliged to lodge a complaint in writing (by e-mail or post). Complaints received outside the agreed deadline, and with incomplete documentation (photos, data from other credible sources) will not be taken into consideration. The Agency will consider only fully documented complaints received within 7 days. The Agency undertakes to issue a written solution to this complaint within 15 days of receiving the complaint. The Agency can postpone the deadline for the resolution of the complaint due to the collection of information and verification of the allegations of the complaint with the service provider for a maximum of an additional 15 days. Until the agency makes a decision, the guest waives mediation by any other person, arbitration by the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies, or judicial institutions, as well as providing information through public media.

The agency will deal only with those complaints, the cause of which could not be eliminated on the spot, i.e. at the place of use of the service. The highest compensation per complaint can reach the amount of the advertised part of the service, and it cannot cover already used services or the entire amount of the service. This excludes the guest’s right to compensation for ideal damages. If the guest finds another accommodation on his own initiative, and does not give the agency a chance to solve the cause of his dissatisfaction within the agreed period, he cannot demand a refund or file a lawsuit for compensation.

The Guest and the Agency will try to resolve any disputes in the application of this Agreement amicably, otherwise they will submit to the decision of the competent court in Pazin.