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Request for categorization

Congratulations on your decision to become the renter, so you are ready to begin cooperation with us!
Our instructions will help you in becoming a renter.


The first step includes instructions on how to initiate the procedure of categorization, i.e., how to apply for categorization.

1. Copy of the identification document, (ID card or passport) of the person member of EU.

2. Proof of property ownership
2.1. Excerpt from land registry
2.2. Written consent of the property co-owner
2.3. Written consent of property owner (if application is submitted by the family member who is not an owner).

3. Proof of usability of property / structure in which services will be provided in accordance to the Construction Act.

4. Proof of paid fee – fee paid in tax stamps or electronically in the amount of HRK 70
(HRK 20 when submitting the application).
After you gathered all the necessary documents, you need to submit those to the office of the state administration for tourism, and if everything is in order, the committee will pay you a field visit in order to perform categorization of the property. Once you meet the property criteria, the committee will send you the categorization confirmation by email or in writing. After you receive that decision, you need to go to the relevant police station and register with the tax office and with the tourist office.

5. Apartment categorization plaque
It is necessary to fix the plaque with categorization at or near the entrance, which shows the category of the property and the number of stars. The plaque may be ordered / purchased from manufacturers that are approved by the Ministry of Tourism.

Regarding the basic documents, you need documents of the company or the business with your personal identification document (ID card or passport). In order to categorize your property as the legal person, business or the company, criteria are different and the main factors are the following:

Fire prevention inspectorate is relevant for the stated list of criteria. Renewal of A-test is performed every 2 years.


6. TAN list
When the decision on property categorization is issued to you, you may proceed with the procedure. You need that decision and your personal identification document to go to the tourist office in your municipality and to get the TAN list.
TAN list is the document that enables registration of the future guests at your property.


In order to start cooperation with us, we need the following documents:

Non-residents that are members of the European Union may apply for categorization like residents of the Republic of Croatia, and they have all the same costs, with one difference being the obligation of the non-resident to pay 13% VAT (value added tax).

In order to ease the bureaucratic procedures, we facilitate the application for non-residents with the ministry for non-residents. That is possible only when you have all the documents that is listed in the “THIRD STEP”. Also, we can ease the VAT payment procedure – our reservation system automatically calculates VAT amount and pays it to the tax authority instead of you, so you have one obligation less to worry about.

We are at your disposal for any additional information or questions. Our contact data can be found here.


Non-residents of third countries have the right to become renters like residents of the Republic of Croatia, but the law is a bit different. In order to start our cooperation, we need to have the live meeting or meeting via video call, so we can present that business model.

We are at your disposal for any additional information or questions. Our contact data can be found here.

In case you have all the documents and you became the official renter, we congratulate you. 
We wish you a successful coming season!