Local Products

Renowned local products

The entire area around Poreč abounds with a varied abundance of indigenous Istrian products as a recognisable reflection of the tradition and culture of this area.  You can taste chosen Istrian specialties at restaurants, home taverns or country farm estates as well as at numerous local celebrations.
Olive oil from the area of Poreč has a delicate scent and taste and is a base and excellent seasoning for Mediterranean cuisine.  Poreč’s Malvazija (Malmsey) wine has been renowned since ancient times, and is the pride of the Poreč wine growing region – it is practically impossible to separate Malvazija from the area of Poreč.  Aside from white and red wines, we must also heartily recommend trying rakija (brandy) made of fruits and herbs.  Branches of ruda (meadow rue), blueberries and rosemary, thick slices of citrus fruit, ripe figs, peaches and cherries will make every rakija very special.
Air-dried Istrian prosciutto (cured ham) is a category of culinary gold for itself, and goes well with sheep or cow’s milk cheese.
From you appetizer to desert, in local enjoyment style, diligent local producers preserve a breath of the past in their lauded and worthy work and effort.