Terms and conditions of provision of accomodation services


Terms and conditions of provision of accommodation services are an integral part of the contract between the company Velox d.o.o. as the tourist agency and the guest who accepts the chosen tourist service.  Terms and conditions are published on the website of company Velox d.o.o.
The company Velox d.o.o. offers accommodation in Croatia exclusively as an intermediary. It buys and sells the service in its own name and for its own account to the guest in unchanged state and without additional services.  
In case of provision of accommodation services to the guest in private apartments and rooms (the service provider is a natural person), the company Velox d.o.o. acts as travel organizer (photographing offered apartments, counseling, reservations, etc.) and applies the special taxation procedure (Article 91 of the VAT Act).   
Velox d.o.o. collects all information and data related to accommodation capacities from the service providers. Even though all information is verified by employees of Velox d.o.o., Velox d.o.o. does not assume the responsibility for errors, omissions and delays in updating of this, or any other part of the website.  


The offered accommodation units are described pursuant to the official categorization of the local tourist organization at the time of issuing of the work permit.
The standards of accommodation, meals, services, etc., of individual locations and countries are different and cannot be compared. The information that the guest receives at other outlets do not oblige the company Velox d.o.o. to a greater extent than the information published on our website.    
If the guest did not explicitly negotiate a room or apartment with special features, he shall accept any officially registered room or apartment being rented at the respective facility, which is described in the catalogue and price list. If possible, the company Velox d.o.o. shall try to fulfil the additional accommodation request (comfort, room orientation, floor, etc.), but it cannot guarantee the fulfilment of such request.  


The prices of services are listed next to each accommodation unit, and they include those services that are described next to the booked accommodation unit.
The special services are those services that are offered by the accommodation unit, but that are not included in the price, and therefore the guest pays for them separately, as a separate service. The special services must be requested during the check-in, and are added to the price of the accommodation service and are part of the final statement.   
The facultative services are those services that are offered by the company Velox d.o.o., and that are not related to the offer of rented accommodation unit.  

The prices of accommodation units are informative, published in euros, and are calculated pursuant to the price list in HRK which is published at the reception desk of the company, according to the daily exchange rate of our business bank on the day calculation – payment was made. The company Velox d.o.o. retains the right to change the published prices in case the price of accommodation is changes by the service provider, and in case of major monetary changes.  


The booking applications are made electronically by filling out the form provided for this purpose on the website of company Velox d.o.o. During application, the guest is obliged to list the correct information that is requested from him in the form, both for himself and for other persons that he reports for travel. The company Velox d.o.o. does not assume responsibility for veracity of information provided by the guest during booking. In case of false information, the company Velox d.o.o. reserves the right to change the prices and charge the difference in price on the spot.   


Inquiries and accommodation bookings are received electronically and by phone, in writing or personally at one of the agency's offices. During booking, the guest confirms that he has been familiarized with these terms and conditions of provision of services, that he studied them carefully and that accepts them in their entirety. In this way, every provision of these terms and conditions becomes a legal obligation for the guest and for the agency. The agency makes the appropriate promotional material or program available to the guest in printer or electronic form, gives him all relevant information regarding the service, and hands him over or directs him to these terms and conditions, which are an integral part of this contract. During booking, the guest is obliged to provide all information that are required in the booking process. The booking is valid once the guest makes the payment, any other verbal or written confirmation is not considered to be a valid booking. To book the service, the guest must make the advance payment in the amount of 30% of the overall price, while the remaining amount is to be paid at latest 28 days prior to commencement of use of the service.   
If there is 28 or less days until the day of arrival, it is necessary to pay 100% of the price of accommodation service, upon approval. The payment may be made to the foreign currency account or giro account of Velox d.o.o. All banking costs for transfer of the down payment or overall amount are at the expense of the guest. Payments by bank transfer from abroad must be performed at latest five days prior to the arrival of the guest, and payments by bank transfer from Croatia must be performed at latest three days prior to the arrival of the guest, unless other terms of payment were agreed upon beforehand in writing.    
After the receipt of the down payment for chosen services, the guest shall be given a voucher with exactly stated contracted and paid services. The voucher serves as proof of completed booking of services. The guest is obliged to hand over the voucher at the time of arrival to the accommodational facility, and based on this voucher he shall be provided with the booked services. If more persons arrive to the booked accommodation unit than there are indicated in travel documents (voucher), the service provider has the right to decline the accommodation of unexpected guests or to accept all guests with additional payment for unexpected guests on the spot.      
By paying for the booking, the guest confirms that he is fully aware of all features and conditions under which the respective accommodation unit is offered to him. By paying for the booking, the guest confirms that he accepts the terms and conditions of provision of accommodation services. The act of paying for the booking means that every provision of these terms and conditions becomes a legal obligation both for the guest and for the company Velox d.o.o.   

The company Velox d.o.o. is obliged to secure the accommodation at the rented facility to the guest on booked dates, except in case of exceptional circumstances (war, unrest, strikes, terrorist acts, sanitary issues, severe weather, interventions of competent authorities, etc.).   
The company Velox d.o.o. may suggest changes to booked accommodation or cancel the rented accommodation facilities fully or partially, if before or during the vacation the exceptional circumstances that cannot be avoided or resolved occur, if such circumstances would represent a valid reason for company Velox d.o.o. not to publish the offer and to decline to receive applications and confirmations for those accommodation facilities in case they had occurred at the time of the publication and sale of the program.    
If the company Velox d.o.o. can offer an alternative to the guest, the change of booked accommodation may be done only with the guest's approval. The offered alternative must be of same or higher quality as the booked accommodation. If the guest accepts the alternative and if the alternative is more expensive, the guest must settle the difference. If the alternative is cheaper, Velox d.o.o. shall refund the difference.  
The company Velox d.o.o. is obliged to inform all guest who confirmed their arrival by making the payment about changes in booking or cancellation immediately after the exceptional circumstances occur, and in case it is impossible to find alternative accommodation, it must refund them the full amount minus the administrative agency costs.  


In case the guest wishes to change or cancel the booking made at his request, he must do this in writing (by e-mail, regular mail or fax). A change refers to a change in number of persons or change in the arrival date and/or departure date at least 30 days before the commencement of use of the service. In case the booking change is impossible, and if the guest cancels the confirmed booking because of this, the booking cancellation condition stated below is applied.  The change of accommodation unit and any change within 30 days prior to the arrival date are considered cancellations of booking.
In case of cancellation of fixed, confirmed booking of hotel accommodation, the receipt date of written cancellation is the basis for calculation of cancellation costs, as follows:  

1. For booking cancellation at least 30 days prior to the arrival date, the guest is refunded the full down payment.  

2. For booking cancellation within 30 days from the arrival date, the full down payment is non-refundable.  

3. For booking cancellation after the departure, or if the guest does not arrive to booked accommodation without prior notice, the Velox d.o.o. retains the full down payment.  


The company Velox d.o.o. is obliged to apply due diligence to implementation of services and choice of service provider, and to protect the rights and interests of the guest pursuant to trade customs in the field of tourism.  

The company Velox d.o.o. waives any responsibility in case force majeure causes changes or failure to perform the services. In these cases, the guest settles all additional costs.  


The guest is obliged to:
  • possess valid travel documents. The costs of loss or theft of documents during the journey are borne by the guest
  • respect customs and foreign currency regulations of the Republic of Croatia, and the countries where he is staying during the journey  
  • observe the house rules of rented accommodation unit and cooperate with service providers in good faith
  • present to the service provider the voucher with precisely state number of persons and type of services that must be provided during the arrival to the rented accommodation unit
In case these obligations are not observed, the guest bears the costs and is responsible for damages. By confirming the booking, the guest obliges to pay all damages that he causes to the service provider, in case he causes any.  


The company Velox d.o.o. is not responsible neither for destroyed or lost luggage, nor for the theft of luggage or valuables at the accommodation unit. The guest files the report on lost or damaged baggage to the service provider and local police station.    


Each guest, contracting party of the agency, has the right to complain about failure to perform the contracted service. If the offered services were performed in inadequate manner, the guest may demand proportional compensation by submitting a written complaint. Each guest – party to the confirmed booking submits the complaint separately.
The guest is obliged to report the inadequate service on the day of the arrival to the representative of the service provider (receptionist or owner of the accommodation facility, etc.) and inform the company Velox d.o.o. or its authorized representative. The guest is obliged to first inform the service provider and try to reach a satisfactory solution. The guest is obliged to cooperate with the service provider and the agency in good faith, so that the causes for complaint can be eliminated. If the guest accepts on the spot the offered solution that suits the paid service, the agency is not obliged to accept later complaints. 
If even after the intervention the problem is not resolved on the spot, at latest 8 days after the return from the vacation, the guest is obliged to send a written complaint together with supporting documentation and photographs that prove the basis of the complaint to the agency, either by e-mail or by regular mail to its address. The agency shall consider only fully documented complaints received no later than 8 days after the departure date.  
While the procedure of handling the complaint is in motion, and at maximum for 14 or 28 days after the complaint was made, the guest irrevocably waives mediation from any third party, arbitration by UHPA or any other institution, as well as the right to publicize the information. Likewise, in this period the guest waives the right to lawsuit.
The highest compensation achieved through the complaint procedure may reach the amount of that part of services to which the complaint is being made, and cannot include the already used services or the full amount of the service. This waives the right of the guest to seek compensation for ideal damages. The agency cannot be responsible for possible climate conditions, cleanliness and sea temperatures in destination, nor for other similar situations and events that may cause displeasure to the guest, but do not directly involve the quality of booked accommodation unit (for example, bad weather, poor beach design, distance between public beaches and accommodation, major traffic jams, theft or property damage, etc.). 
The company Velox d.o.o. does not accept complaints to bookings made under special discounts negotiated by the guest during the booking.  


The guest and agency shall try to resolve possible disputes arising from the application of this contract in an amicable manner, but if this is not possible, they agree on competence of Municipal Court in Poreč. The applicable law shall be the Croatian law.


The information collected through the booking form are considered private and are subject to valid regulations of the Republic of Croatia. By confirming the booking, you confirm that information contained in the form are true and accurate and that you are aware of the purpose of their collection and processing.  

By giving his personal information and accepting these terms and conditions, the Guest accepts that Velox d.o.o. and persons connected to this company may use that personal information for promotional purposes, such as (a non-exhaustive list of examples) sending newsletters via e-mail and Facebook notifications, and that he shall be informed in other ways about promotional activities, products and services offered by the company. By accepting these terms and conditions, you accept that such information might be given to third parties, including, without limitations, companies connected to Velox d.o.o., for marketing use, implementation of marketing and promotional activities and delivery of marketing notifications.